• Burundi Gatukuza
  • Burundi Gatukuza

Burundi Gatukuza

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like | Floral | Vanilla | Grapefruit

Gatukuza is a coffee washing station located in Ngozi, northern Burundi, near the Rwanda border. Around 600 local farmers deliver cherry to Gatukuza in addition to thousands more who deliver to a network of cherry collection sites in the region. Gatukuza ramped up cupping and quality control in 2019 and it paid off big time. For instance, they won 1st place in the Burundi Cup of Excellence competition! This coffee is sweet and refined. It leads with delicate floral aromas, followed by a grapefruit acidity, and finishes with brown sugar and vanilla notes. A lovely cup!

A Single Origin From | Burundi

Region | Northern Ngozi Province, Burundi

Washing Station | Gatukuza

Producer | 10,600 farmers | 9 neighboring communities

Processing | Washed

Harvest | March - July 2019

Variety | Bourbon

Elevation | 1650 M