Colombia Flor Alba Valencia

Roast Level | Light

Flor Alba Valencia’s farm, El Chirimoyo, sits at the astonishingly high elevation of 2150 meters (that's abour 7,053 ft. for reference) near Buesaco , Nariño in southern Colombia. For many years she was told it was too cold to grow coffee at her farm, so she stuck to growing corn. 10 years ago she took a chance on coffee and planted a small plot of Caturra (1 of many different varieties, much like apples) trees. Today she is producing world class coffee! In the cup we find honeysuckle aromatics and a big honey sweetness with a balanced pop of orange peel acidity. Enjoy!

Single Origin From | Colombia

Region | Nariño (Department) 

Producers | Flor Alba Valencia 

Processing | Washed

Drying Method | Sun dried on patios

Variety | Caturra

Elevation | 2150 M (Very high - 7,053 ft.)

*For all subscription orders! This is a seasonal coffee, and will be subject to change depending on availability*