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DR Congo Kivu

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like Raspberry | Tropical Fruit | Cola

This luscious natural processed coffee comes from the Kivu region along the eastern border of The Democratic Republic of Congo. The lot consists of coffees from washing stations operated by Virunga Coffee, a coffee company seeking to make an impact, boost livelihoods, and unleash the quality potential of arabica coffee of eastern DR Congo. Their farmer focused programs include agronomic support, coffee quality training, and market access. This coffee is just jam packed with delicious and interesting flavors. The natural process (where the coffee is dried in the fruit) imbues this cup with a complex sweet richness. We find notes of tropical fruit, blackberry, raspberry, cola and orange zest. Enjoy!  

*For all subscription orders! This is a seasonal coffee, and will be subject to change depending on availability*