• Legend
  • Legend


Roast Level | Dark

Tastes Like | Intense | Smoke | Dark Chocolate

 Legend is our beloved organic dark roast. We rotate the component coffees so they stay fresh - Central American coffees in the summer and fall, South American coffees in the winter and spring. Some of the usual suspects you'll see in the blend are coffees from the Manos de Mujer women producers lot from the COMSA co-op in Honduras, Las Damas de San Ignacio women producers lot from the COOPAFSI co-op in Peru, and, most recently gracing the blend with its presence, Peru Finca Cinco Corazones from our Shared-X partners in central Peru.

A Blend From | Colombia & Peru

Region | Tolima, Colombia & Chanchamayo, Junín Peru

Certifications | Organic & Shared-X

Process | Washed

Variety | A blend of 4+

Elevation | 1100 - 1800 M