Honduras Wenceslaos Martinez


Roast Level | Light

At his farm, Finca Villa Esther, Wenceslaos Martinez focuses on producing a high quality crop, and employing environmentally friendly, organic farming practices. Martinez was a founding member of the highly respected COMSA co-op in 2000, and after almost 20 years he remains active in the co-op to this day. The flavor profile of this microlot begins and ends with deep complexity. The coffee pops with deep citrus acidity which gives way to a rich sweetness reminiscent of dried fruit and caramel. In the finish, floral and cinnamon notes leave you wanting more and more!

Single Origin From | Honduras


Co-op | COMSA

Farm | Finca Villa Ester

Producer | Wenceslaos Martinez

Processing | Washed

Variety |  Catuai, Bourbon

Elevation | 1350 M

*For all subscription orders! This is a seasonal coffee, and will be subject to change depending on availability*