Costa Rica Las Nubes Bundle

Processing Bundle 001 - Costa Rica Las Nubes Juicy Natural and Washed

Roast Level | Light

This bundle is all about processing, a general term referring to post-harvest techniques coffee farmers and millers employ to arrive at finished, dried coffee. Processing is a critical step in a coffee’s life cycle and influences flavor greatly! In this bundle we put together 12 oz bags of Washed Process and Juicy Natural Process coffees from Las Nubes, Roberto Mata’s coffee farm in the famed Tarrazú region of Costa Rica.

The Washed process is a traditional method where the fruit of the coffee cherry is removed after harvest and then the seeds (beans) are dried. It produces a clean, balanced cup profile. This washed lot from Las Nubes features notes of honey graham cracker and fig.

Mata’s innovative signature Juicy Natural process involves a 72 hour anaerobic fermentation with the ‘juice’ of a previous batch, a combination of raised bed and mechanical drying, and finally a winemaker-like blending process with other natural process coffees to achieve his desired flavor profile. The key differences here are the anaerobic fermentation and drying the coffee seeds in the fruit. The results are stunning. The cup is a fruity, winey, tropical delight!

This is a rare opportunity to compare and contrast the flavors profiles of coffees grown on one farm and processed differently, an opportunity typically only afforded to coffee producers and coffee buyers. Please enjoy!

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