• Honduras Finca Fatima La Gloria
  • Honduras Finca Fatima La Gloria
  • Honduras Finca Fatima La Gloria

Honduras Finca Fatima La Gloria

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like | Grapefruit | Orange | Honey | Green Apple

Years ago, in the community of Las Flores, Marcala, La Paz, a visionary man called Don Antonio Peñalba and his wife Doña Carmen Urquía, decided to start a coffee farm.  This specialty coffee farm, La Reyna, would eventually serve as the economic support of their. At an altitude of 1450 meters, La Reyna is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and natural landscapes.

As the years went by, the farm ownership went to the husband-and-wife Don Gerardo Peñalba and Doña Fátima Maradiaga.  Fatima Maradiaga and her family have a long history in the coffee industry. Since Fatima was 8 years old, she worked on her father’s farm, where she gained a significant amount of knowledge about coffee & coffee production. Today she uses this knowledge to show her children that hard work, attention to detail and consistent effort will produce a quality coffee.

Fatima’s pride and passion for processing her coffee is why she believes her farm produces excellent quality coffee year after year. According to Fatima, in order to produce an exceptional product, you need to be very patient and, above everything else, enjoy what you do.

Because of Fatima’s technical knowledge, Fatima & Don Gerardo have introduced new varieties of organic specialty coffees, among them Geisha, Red Icatu/Icatu Rojo.  This expansion has produced valuable and aromatic coffee beans for local and international consumption, creating jobs for the people of the community and contributing to the preservation of the environment.