Brazil Sitio Colina

Roast Level | Medium

Sitio Colina is a family farm just outside Poço Fundo in southeast Brazil. Volume is the name of the game in typical Brazilian coffee production, but for the small players like Marco Angelo Scalco, who owns and operates Sitio Colina along with his wife Ana and his brother Paulo, quality is the key to success. Their coffee is full of rich chocolate and honey with hints of cherry and orange, a testament to the Scalcos’ dedication to quality. This is about as smooth and drinkable as coffee gets, have a few more cups!

Single Origin From | Brazil

RegionCachoeirinha town, just outside of Poço Fundo municipality

Producers | Marco Angelo Scalco, along with his wife Ana and brother Paulo

Processing | Natural

Drying Method | Sun dried on patios

Variety | Red & Yellow Catuai

Elevation | 1100 M