Papua New Guinea Bebes

Roast Level | Medium

Sero Bebes cultivates 34 hectares of coffee (that's almost 84 acres to our U.S. villagers) and operates a washing station in the Aiyura Valley of Papua New Guinea. This lot represents coffee from his farm and coffee purchased from neighboring smallholder farmers. It is an understated coffee, not preening in the spotlight but full of hidden charms nonetheless. The core of the flavor profile is the mellow dark sugar sweetness reminiscent of brown sugar, toffee, and cocoa. Flashes of orange fruits like apricot, peach, and golden raisin ripple throughout the cup and a hint of earthy tobacco lingers at the edges. Yum!

Single Origin From | Papua New Guinea

Region Auyura Valley

Washing Station | Bebes

Producer | Sero Bebes owns & operates the washing station, produces coffee on his 34 hectare plantation, and buys coffee cherries from neighbors

Processing | Washed

Fermentation | Dry

Variety | Typica, Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Jamaica Blue Mountain

Elevation | 1600+ M