Kenya Kagumo


Roast Level | Light

Kagumo is one of the washing stations where members of the Mutira Farmers Cooperative Society deliver their fresh coffee cherries. It’s located in the heart of Kenya’s famed coffee growing regions on the south slopes of Mount Kenya in Kirinyaga County.

From the moment you grind this coffee, there’s no mistaking that you’re dealing with a big, bold, sweet, complex, acidic, classic Kenyan coffee. In the cup expect bright and tart raspberry and dark fruit notes with a fierce grapefruit acidity and brown sugar sweetness. Kagumo is a beautiful bright jolt on a gray winter day.

Country | Kenya

Region | Kirinyaga County

Washing Station | Kagumo


Co-op | Mutira Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS)


Processing Method | Washed

Drying Method | Raised Beds

Elevation | 1300-1900 M