Honduras Finca Peña Blanca


Roast Level | Light Roast

Finca Peña Blanca is a small coffee farm owned and operated by Rudy Garay in Los Planes, Comayagua. His coffee was introduced to us by De La Finca, a coffee importing operation started by Garay’s cousin (and fellow coffee farmer) Nelson Raul Amador. This lot is the best of the best of Peña Blanca’s harvest - it won 1st prize at a local cupping competition, scoring an incredible 91 points! Garay planned to enter it in the Honduras Cup of Excellence, but the lot was too small to meet minimum criteria. It’s a fruity cup, ranging from tart to sweet with plum, orange, cherry, and peach notes. The body on the coffee is thick and syrupy and it leaves a generous brown sugar molasses aftertaste.

Give it a try and let us know what you taste!

Country | Honduras

Region | Los Planes, Comayagua

Farm | Finca Peña Blanca

Producer | Rudy Garay

Harvest | December - March

Processing Method | Black Honey

Variety | Catuai

Elevation | 1500 M