Peru Finca Matapalo Honey

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like | Grape | Cola | Raw Honey

Finca Matapalo honey process is back and better than ever! Andreas, the man behind the processing of this green coffee, has made huge changes with the honey processing method this year. It starts with hand picking and sorting as well as pulling all unripe and defective cherries out of the lot. He then de-pulps the beans without water, laying them on African beds to dry. After three days, he starts stirring the beds up to four times a day for the next fifteen days.  His version brings out more fruit notes and bumps the sweetness levels up to a 10!

On our cupping table, we were hit with notes of green grapes at the first sip with a well-balanced acidity that reminds us of biting into a juicy ripe apple.  The cup is rounded out with notes of dried citrus and a delicate touch of sweetness and floral characteristics. This is the perfect cup to kick-off the Spring season.