• Ethiopia Mokonisa
  • Ethiopia Mokonisa
  • Ethiopia Mokonisa

Ethiopia Mokonisa

Roast Level | Medium

Tastes Like | Blueberry | Watermelon | Lime

Mokonisa comes to us through the Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union (SCFCU), an umbrella organization that represents 53 co-ops and 80,000 farmers in the Sidama region. They provide valuable marketing, financial, and technical services to their member co-ops.

Mokonisa snaps, crackles, and pops on the cupping table every time we taste it! As you would expect from a natural processed coffee, the flavor profile is fruit forward. On the cupping table, we’re picking out notes of syrupy mixed berry jam and fresh watermelon with a bit of rich chocolate character and a spark of lime acidity. Wowzers, this is a must try!