• Kenya Kagumoini
  • Kenya Kagumoini
  • Kenya Kagumoini

Kenya Kagumoini

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like | Pineapple | Grapefruit | Brown Sugar

Kagumoini is one of five mills operated by the Mugaga Farmer’s Cooperative Society in Nyeri County, Kenya. This lot is a shining example of how Kenyan coffees can sing with complexity in the cup like the dense harmony of a jazz chord. Many coffee buyers place Kenya at the top of their list of favorite coffee producing countries, and we agree with them whole-heartedly. 

Bright sugary notes of pineapple and tropical fruit form the core of Kagumoini’s flavor profile, while tart, punchy accents reminiscent of pomegranate, blackcurrant, and grapefruit sparkle above. This coffee demonstrates a fascinating balance of sweet, tart, and barely perceptible savory tones, resulting in tremendous depth. There is no denying the uniqueness of Kagumoini