• Peru Finca Cinco Corazones
  • Peru Finca Cinco Corazones
  • Peru Finca Cinco Corazones

Peru Finca Cinco Corazones

Roast Level???ÿ| Medium

Tastes Like???ÿ| Brown Sugar | Almond | Lime

We?›ƒ?ªƒ?›re???ÿthrilled to present???ÿcoffee from???ÿFinca Cinco???ÿCorazones!???ÿThis???ÿcoffee is???ÿthe???ÿproduct???ÿof a???ÿvertically integrated???ÿsupply chain, a relatively rare and unique model in the???ÿcoffee industry. The???ÿfarm, mill,???ÿexport, import,???ÿand???ÿroaster???ÿ(that?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s???ÿus!)???ÿall operate???ÿunder the Shared-X umbrella.???ÿNow in its???ÿsixth???ÿyear of operation,???ÿFinca???ÿCinco???ÿCorazones???ÿis producing coffee on???ÿjust over???ÿhalf of its 300 hectares. The fields are planted mostly with the???ÿCaturra???ÿvariety along with Bourbon,???ÿGesha, and H1 varieties, this lot features 100%???ÿCaturra.???ÿOn site???ÿthey?›ƒ?ªƒ?›re???ÿoperating a wet mill and mechanical driers, plus???ÿrecently???ÿinstalled raised African beds for drying coffee.???ÿ

Finca???ÿCinco Corazones???ÿdelivers a creamy, sweet cup of coffee with notes of???ÿbrown sugar, vanilla,???ÿand???ÿalmond,???ÿaccented by???ÿvibrant???ÿshards???ÿof lime and orange.???ÿIt?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s???ÿa???ÿrounded and balanced???ÿprofile???ÿin the cup, easy???ÿto???ÿdrink???ÿall day