Colombia San Antonio

Roast Level | Medium 

This is a classic Colombian coffee produced by members of Asorcafé, an association of about 400 farmers in Inzá, Cauca. The flavor profile is everything you want from a top Colombian, plenty of body, deep sugar browning notes, and ample acidity to make it all pop. In the cup we find some bright notes of black cherry and citrus over sweet molasses, caramel, and a hefty syrupy body. Yummmm!

Single Origin From | Colombia

RegionCauca > Inzá

Co-op | Asorcafé (association of coffee growers)

Processing | Washed

Drying Method | Sun and Mechanical

Variety | Caturra, Colombia, Typica, Bourbon

Elevation | 1700 M

*For all subscription orders! This is a seasonal coffee, and will be subject to change depending on availability*