Brazil Sitio Colina

Raspberry Jam | Peanut Butter Cookie | Dark Chocolate

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Roast Level

Medium Roast


Yellow Catuai & Red Catuai

Tastes Like

Raspberry Jam | Peanut Butter Cookie | Dark Chocolate


1100 M




Chachoeirinha, Brazil

Drying Method

Virunga Coffee Company


Marco Angelo Scalco 

A Single Origin From:

The Story

For the first time ever, we are bringing you a single origin from Brazil! For years, we have been using small family farms in the Sul de Minas region in some of our blends and wanted to highlight it. Legender Specialty Coffee, one of our export partners, is doing amazing work in Brazil creating high quality specialty coffee through helping these small family farms improve quality and living conditions. Marco Angelo Scalco is the man behind Sitio Colina. He inherited the farm from his father and has been farming with his wife, Ana, and brother Paulo for 15 years.

Brazil Sitio Colina is a great step into specialty coffee. It’s a basic, easy drinker that will delight both the novice and the coffee connoisseur with its approachable balanced sweetness and rich body. We tasted raspberry and strawberry jams and a fresh baked peanut butter cookie drizzled in dark chocolate. Enjoy this coffee any way you prefer since we find it performs well on any coffee maker. Drink it black or with cream, we don’t judge!

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