With summer approaching, we know many of you are searching for a *cooler* way to enjoy One Village Coffee.

There are so many methods to lower the temp on your coffee-but we have two favorites: the cold brew method and the iced pour over method(which we will highlight in a separate brew guide).

What's the difference? Personal preference, of course. The cold brew yields a fuller bodied coffee. The iced pour over produces a brighter coffee.

One more difference: time. The cold brew takes 18 hours to brew and can last up to two weeks. The iced pour over takes mere minutes but really should be consumed that day.

Try them both with our Seasonal Nomad Blend. Photos of you sipping on One Village Coffee in the sun are encouraged :).

Cold Brew

What you need:

-Hario 1L cold brewer 
-Room temperature water
-Coffee grinder
-110 grams of whole bean One Village Coffee

 Note: If you don't have a Hario brewer, you can adapt this to brew in a french press! Just use approximately a 1:9 ratio of coffee to water. 

Best enjoyed in the sunshine. :)

Step 1

 1.Weigh out 110 grams (about 4 oz) of coffee. We're making a cold brew concentrate, so our ratio here is about 1:9 of coffee to water.

Step 2

Grind the coffee on a medium-coarse setting, place grinds in strainer tray.

Step 3

Carefully pour one liter (about 4 cups) of room temperature water over the grounds. If the strainer tray stops flowing quickly, you can pour the water directly into the glass container. Gently agitate.

Step 4

Let the coffee brew for 18 hours in a room temperature environment (your kitchen counter is a good place). Feel free to adjust your brew time to your taste.

Step 5

Remove the grounds by taking out the strainer tray and stir..

Step 6 

Serve over plenty of ice to dilute to a drinkable strength

Step 7

Store the remainder of the cold brew concentrate in a refrigerator (good for up to 2 weeks). This recipe makes approximately 1 liter of cold brew concentrate.