Peru Cold Brew Coffee

Chocolate | Vanilla

A Single Origin from Finca Matapalo

The vision for our Cold Brew coffee started with excellent flavor, while maintaining a shelf life that didn't run flat. Thanks to BKON, this is possible and now, we can focus on what we do best - roasting - while BKON handles the grinding & brewing.

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*Available for Local Delivery to these zip codes only: 18964, 18969, 19438, 19474, 18054, 18960, 18944! Unable to Ship by mail*

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The story behind our Peru Cold Brew

Last year when we launched our Peru Cold Brew, our first new product since the beginning of One Village Coffee, we knew that it would be special. We had partnered with an industry innovator called BKON, a manufacturer of cold brew based out of New Jersey. Still, we were blown away by the final product...

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Hear it from our customers!

"Tried the cold brew today. 1) Thank you! 2) It was delicious... not just saying this... one of the best I have had"

Liz C

"We are very impressed with the cold brew! Love the flavor and how smooth it is. You guys are awesome!"

Scott K

"It's like unicorns are dancing in my mouth. Damn good coffee!"

Michael R

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The perfect partnership in Cold Brew couldn't be accomplished without BKON Brew and the use of their innovative RAIN technology. Check them out!

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