Colombia Aponte

Maraschino Cherry | Orange | Caramel

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Roast Level

Light Roast


Caturra, Colombia

Tastes Like

Maraschino Cherry | Orange | Caramel


1525 - 2400 M




Nariño, Colombia

Drying Method

Patio, 20-45 Days

A Single Origin From:

The Story

Aponte Honey for sure makes the highlight reel for coffees that crossed our cupping table this year! It’s one of those coffees that is so inspiring we just kept writing notes after notes - notes like honey and floral aromatics, citrus zest, orange creamsicle, maraschino cherry, and hazelnut; all packed into a creamy body with caramelly richness.

 Various smallholder farmers in the Aponte community, high in the mountains of Colombia’s Nariño department, produce this coffee. The area is home to an indigenous community called the Inga who trace their roots back to the Incas. As far south as you can go in Colombia before you get to the Ecuador border, Nariño is home to some of the most gorgeous coffee in all of South America. The extreme elevations (over 2000 meters) and honey processing employed for this lot make for truly compelling floral and fruit characteristics in the cup.

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