Colombia Tolima Finca San Sebastian

Strawberry | Raspberry | Chocolate Milk | Banana 

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Roast Level

Light Roast



Tastes Like

Strawberry | Raspberry | Chocolate Milk | Banana


1700-1800 M


Anaerobic Natural


Tolima, Colombia

Drying Method

Raised Beds


Jose Miller Gutierrez 

A Single Origin From:

The Story

Jose Miller Gutierrez, a 3rd generation coffee producer, has owned his farm, San Sebastian, since 2005. 

San Sebastian is a 45 hectare specialty coffee farm located 1800 meters above sea level in Ataco, a town in the Tolima region of Colombia.  At San Sebastian, they focus on producing the best quality specialty coffee.  One way they do this is by paying particular attention to their picking process. 

Once they pick the ripe cherry, they then sort the cherry again to ensure the maximum amount of ripe cherries.  Jose Miller Gutierrez also recently took a specialty coffee course on fermentation, which has enabled him to experiment with different processing methods.  He was able to produce this anaerobic lot with the knowledge he got in this course.  To produce this lot, they placed the ripe cherry in plastic bags with no water for five days.  After five days, they drained the yeast water and spread the cherry on raised beds for one day.  Finally, they put the cherry on silos to dry for up to five days. San Sebastian employs 30 people who together complete all processing at the farm except for milling. 

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