Ecuador Mitad del Mundo

Cane Sugar | Milk Chocolate | Plum

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Roast Level

Light Roast


Caturra, Typica and Bourbon

Tastes Like

Cane Sugar | Milk Chocolate | Plum


1600-2100 M




Loja, Ecuador



A Single Origin From:

The Story

In English Mitad del Mundo means Middle of the World. Ecuador is split in two by the Equator, creating a very diverse landscape. Coffee is both grown in the north, in the Amazon Jungle, and in the sound, high up in the Andean Highlands. Coffee from Mitad del mundo comes from the south. The coffee plants are grown under the shade of plantains and guabas trees.This coffee is fully washed in a micro-mill at the farm and is fermented in cement tanks for up to 24 hours. From there it is dried in shade covered patios. This natural drying process takes significantly more time than using large drum dryers, but it adds a more dynamic flavor profile. In the cup you can expect deep plum, cane sugar and a milk chocolate drizzle. We recommend making this as a pour over, check out our recipe below if you are a coffee nerd like us! Brewing recipe: Portion: 25g Grind: Medium (Kalita wave) Medium-fine (V60) Water: 400ml Start with a 50ml bloom, let sit for 15 seconds, follow with 2 100ml pours. Let each fully drain before pouring the next. To finish it off pour 50ml increments until target is reached. Compost those spent grounds, give it a swirl, pour into a favorite vessel and enjoy!

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