Ethiopia Worka Sakaro 

Ripe Strawberry | Lemon Blossom | Watermelon Candy

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Roast Level

Light Roast


Ethiopia Heirloom

Tastes Like

Ripe Strawberry | Lemon Blossom | Watermelon Candy


2000-2200 M


Natural Anaerobic


Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


December - March

A Single Origin From:

The Story

High up in the mountains of Ethiopia in the Yirgacheffe region is a small area called Worka Sakaro. Some of the best African coffee comes from this region known for its bright citric-washed coffee and wild naturals. This lot is no exception! Its unique processing method called “anaerobic” produces vibrant, juicy fruit notes. This process is a common practice in wine making and has found its way into coffee processing within the last couple years.

The anaerobic process starts with cherries picked at peak ripeness. They sort out the ripest cherries by collecting them in water tanks and only using the ones at the bottom. These denser cherries contain higher levels of natural sugars. The cherries then get moved into air-tight bags, and all oxygen gets vacuumed out. The fermentation process starts at this point, and will carry on for the next 3-7 days depending on the temperature and weather. Once they are satisfied with the results, the cherries are moved to raised beds to finish drying.

Our journey for this cup starts with Lemon Blossom and ripe Raspberry on the nose. The first sips taste of fresh watermelon, candied apple, pineapple, and lime. As it cools, it the flavors change to sweet strawberry, pink lemonade, and vanilla. We are amazed by this coffee, and we hope it brightens up your summer. Enjoy as a pour over or try it over ice!

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