Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga

Peach | Floral | Honey

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Roast Level

Light Roast


Ethiopian Heirloom

Tastes Like

Peach | Floral | Honey


1900 M




Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia



A Single Origin From:

The Story

It is finally time for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga to emerge from the shadows of Villager and start a life of its own. This work horse is from the Abiyot Ageze washing station. It is a Grade 1 washed coffee, which means its as close to defect free as possible. Washed Ethiopian coffee is unique in its bright acidity, tea like body and sweet stone fruit notes. We tasted Peach, Tangerine, Jasmine tea and Raw Honey.

 The Abiyot Ageze washing station is located in the the Gedeo zone of Konga, a district of Yirgacheffe. The washing station has 615 producers who contribute their coffee cherries annually. Ageze started the washing station in 2007 with objectives to expand marketability by becoming Organic certified. The goal of the station is to produce coffee that is sustainable and profitable for the farmers. Mr. Abiyot and his team support farmers by offering assistance in best farming practices and quality control levels on the farm. . 

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