Guatemala Finca La Revuelta Natural

Raspberry | Maple | Toffee

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Roast Level

Light Roast



Tastes Like

Raspberry | Maple | Toffee


1450-1555 M




Amatitlán, Guatemala

Drying Method


A Single Origin From:

The Story

We’re excited to bring back Finca La Revuelta Natural for a third season! There’s no denying the deep, complex, fruit flavors in this coffee. On the cupping table, we’re finding notes upon notes - notes like raspberry, pineapple, orange rind, and rhubarb pie. Revuelta is thick and creamy in body and packs plenty of sweet sugar character like toffee and maple. This is truly a complex and fascinating coffee!

The Starry family grows this coffee at their farm, La Revuelta, and processes it at their mill, Lirios de Belen - where the drying patios overlook Lake Amatitlán and volcanoes loom on the horizon in the distance! Christian Starry, Sr. runs the farm and his son, Christian Starry, Jr., handles the mill and runs a green coffee export operation called GuatLab with another young Guatemalan coffee farmer.

This lot gets its intense fruity flavors from the post-harvest processing method called natural process, or dry process, where the farmer dries the coffee cherries whole, like raisins, then removes the seeds (AKA beans) at the end of the drying process. Finca La Revuelta is fast becoming an annual One Village offering and we’re thrilled to have it back on the menu. Cheers!

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