With summer approaching, we know many of you are searching for a *cooler* way to enjoy One Village Coffee.

Our two favorite ways to enjoy cold coffee are cold brew and iced pours overs.  Here we'll focus on the iced pour over method. This method works well because you're brewing a hot concentrate over ice, which melts and dilutes the coffee to a drinkable strength while cooling it down. If you're curious about the cold brew method, find the step by step here. 

The main differences are that cold brew yields a fuller bodied coffee and the iced pour over produces a brighter coffee. The cold brew also takes about 18 hours to brew, and the iced pour over takes a few minutes.

Try them both with our Seasonal Nomad Blend. Photos of you sipping on One Village Coffee in the sun are encouraged :).

Iced Pour Over

What you need:

-V60 dripper and decanter
-270 ml of 201º F water
-130 grams of ice
-25 grams of One Village Coffee
-Pour over kettle
-Coffee grinder
-Extra ice for serving

Step 1

Bring water to 201ºF in a pour over kettle and rinse your V60 filter with that water then discard the water once it drips through. 

Step 2

Measure out 130 grams of ice (or as close to it as you possibly can get with ice cubes) in your decanter. 

Step 3

Grind 25 grams of coffee on a medium fine setting. Place in the V60 and then get your decanter & V60 set up on top of the scale.

Step 4

With the V60 set up over the decanter of ice, tare the scale and begin to brew over the ice. Pour about 60 grams of water in a circular motion, fully saturating the grounds. Let bloom for 30 seconds.

Step 5

After the grounds have bloomed, pour the water in a circular motion until you reach a total of 270 grams, using a pulse pour if necessary. This should take about 2 minutes to pour and 3 minutes for the water to drip through. You should see the ice melting as you pour. By the time you're done pouring, the ice should be almost fully melted.

Step 6

After all of the water has filtered down, throw the grounds and filter into the compost, and vigorously swirl the remaining coffee.

Step 7 

After the ice has melted and you're left with cold, regular strength coffee, serve in a glass over large ice cubes.