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In the early years of One Village, the basement years, before they had even graduated to the garage years, they came up with a signature blend called Artist. They named it Artist because the coffee was dark and brooding, like an artist’s temperament. I know, how stereotypical is that! Not all artists are tortured and grumpy monsters, GOSH! It was a tricky little blend where they roasted one coffee to two different roast levels then blended them together. Well not that tricky, it’s a well known technique called a mélange. It’s a way to get more flavor complexity out of a coffee than a single roast can express. Spoiler alert, the mélange is not in style in the roasting vanguard today. It’s not as bad as bright-white-dad-sneakers, but it is certainly not cool. These days all roasters can talk about is how they find the ‘one true and perfect expression’ of each coffee and they roast the coffee that way. Nonsense. They find their favorite way. Own your choices roasters! (Hoffm-rant over). Over the years Artist has become almost synonymous with coffee from the COMSA co-op in Marcala, Honduras. For much of the year COMSA makes up 100% of the blend, but this winter we’ve added Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio to the mix. Damas means women in spanish and this lot comes exclusively from women members of the COOPAFSI coffee co-op in San Ignacio, Peru. We are thrilled to support women at origin by buying and roasting this coffee! Plus it tastes great - super chocolatey. The secret sauce of Artist is a blending technique called a melange, a blend of different roast levels. It’s a best of both worlds coffee with all the rich intensity of a dark roast, buffered by the softer edged sweetness of a medium roast. Artist is super-duper-popular, it has been our #1 seller for years. Go for it!

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A Blend From:

Roast Level

Medium Dark Roast


Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra

Tastes Like

Dark chocolate and caramel with dried fruit overtones, a round body, and a creamy finish.


1300 - 1700 M




COMSA Co-op in Marcala, Honduras & COOPAFSI coffee co-op in San Ignacio, Peru

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