Intense | Smoke | Dark Chocolate

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Dark Roast


A blend of 4+

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Intense | Smoke | Dark Chocolate


1220 - 2100 M




Tolima, Colombia
& Marcala, Honduras

A Blend From:

The Story

Legend is our beloved organic dark roast. We rotate the component coffees so they stay fresh - Central American coffees in the summer and fall, South American coffees in the winter and spring. Some of the usual suspects you’ll see in the blend are coffees from the Manos de Mujer women producers lot from the COMSA co-op in Honduras, Las Damas de San Ignacio women producers lot from the COOPAFSI co-op in Peru, and, most recently gracing the blend with its presence, Peru Finca Cinco Corazones from our Shared-X partners in central Peru.

So, how do we get all the yummy dark roast flavor, you ask? As our roasters guide a batch of Legend through the medium phase and into the dark realm, many things happen. Visually, our beans are getting smoother, plumper and darker brown in color with each passing second. Flavor-wise the sugars in the beans are going from “Hey, I just melted and I taste like raw sugar” to “Hey, I’m starting to brown a little and taste like caramel” to “Hey, I’m burning up a little more now and I’m tasting bittersweet.” That third spot, where the sugars are burning just to point of bittersweet balance - that right there is our bullseye for Legend. Think of it like carefully letting your campfire marshmallow ignite for a momentary controlled burn before blowing it out. The roasted flavor is just right and the sweetness is still there to balance it out. The result: Yum-town.

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Shared-X Impact Farming
Comsa Co-op

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