Mexico Garra de Jaguar

Dark Chocolate | Apple | Toasted Walnut

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Roast Level

Light Roast


Pluma, Typica, Bourbon & Mundo Novo

Tastes Like

Dark Chocolate | Apple | Toasted Walnut


1500-2200 M




Mixteca Region, Northwestern Oaxaca

Drying Method

Drying Patios

A Single Origin From:

The Story

Garra de Jaguar is a community coffee from La Mixteca, a cultural region and home to the Mixtec people, one of Mexico’s largest indigenous groups. La Mixteca touches three Mexican states – the western half of Oaxaca and small parts of Guerrero and Puebla. This lot features coffee from smallholder farmers working an average of 1-2 hectares of land (1 hectare is about the size of a football field). Red Fox Coffee Merchants sources this and other great Mexican coffees from their Mexican home base/lab in Oaxaca City. They put in a massive amount of work fostering relationships with producers, analyzing samples, and assembling high quality lots like this one.

This coffee is highly, highly drinkable. The flavor profile rises from a base of semi-sweet dark chocolate, dates, and raisins, and evolves into accents of apple and lime zest. It all floats in a rich creamy body, and the finish lingers with hints of cocoa and toasted walnuts.

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