Cherry | Honey | Milk Chocolate

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Roast Level

Medium Roast


A blend of 4+

Tastes Like

Cherry | Honey | Milk Chocolate


1400 - 1800 M




Junín, Peru
Muramvya, Burundi

A Blend From:

The Story

Here at One Village Coffee our blends and the coffees going into them get a lot of love and attention throughout the year. Expensive and rare single origin coffees tend to hog the spotlight, but every roaster has a soft spot for well executed blends built with good quality ingredients. A delicious blend is a hard-earned achievement and Nomad is no exception.

Another season, another Nomad! This early 2021 edition features two tasty coffees, Co-op Copaceyba from Junín, Peru and Bukeye Hills from Muramvya, Burundi (both coffees are also available as single origins, btw). In the cup it offers refreshing brightness and sweet tooth-satisfying richness. It brews up full-bodied and lingers nicely with notes of cherry, orange, milk chocolate, and honey. Bring on the sleet, slush, snow, and the cold dark mornings, they are no match for this Nomad!

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