Toffee | Pear | Nut Brittle

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Roast Level

Medium Roast


A blend of 4+

Tastes Like

Toffee | Pear | Nut Brittle


1100 - 1600 M


Washed & Natural


Sul de Minas, Brazil
Jinotega, Nicaragua

A Blend From:

The Story

Here at One Village Coffee our blends and the coffees going into them get a lot of love and attention throughout the year. Expensive and rare single origin coffees tend to hog the spotlight, but every roaster has a soft spot for well executed blends built with good quality ingredients. A delicious blend is a hard-earned achievement and Nomad is no exception.

Another season, another Nomad. The Fall 2020 iteration features fresh and tasty arrivals from Brazil and Nicaragua. From Legender Specialty Coffees in Sul de Minas, Brazil we’re featuring a robust toffee toned coffee, and from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua a community lot from Jinotega chock full o' pear and honey notes. Together these coffees harmonize in the frequency of autumn - think mellow acidity and deep, warming flavors. Brew it up and go peep some leaves, build a giant bonfire, get spooky, pick apples, rake leaves, jump in leaves, carve pumpkins, fall back, bake some pies, and vote!

Learn About The Growers

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
Legender Specialty Coffees

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