Chocolate | Honey | Mixed Berries

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Roast Level

Medium Roast


A blend of 4+

Tastes Like

Chocolate | Honey | Mixed Berries


1450-2100 M


Washed & Natural


Chanchamayo, Junín Peru,
Tolima, Colombia & Kembata, Ethiopia

A Blend From:

The Story

Here at One Village Coffee our blends and the coffees going into them get a lot of love and attention throughout the year. Expensive and rare single origin coffees tend to hog the spotlight, but all roasters can agree that a well-executed, delicious blend is a hard-earned achievement. Nomad is our seasonal blend; every few months it picks up and changes completely - a refresh. We think of it as a workshop for tinkering with new coffee combinations, a playground where we’re free to experiment with new ideas. The goal of Nomad is to push our blending skills and make a tasty discovery.

You can count on all versions of Nomad to be modest medium roasts with balanced and distinct flavor profiles. The latest version is a hardy blend of washed process coffees from Peru and Colombia, and a natural process coffee from Ethiopia. In the cup you can expect richness, a creamy body, and flavor notes of honey, chocolate, and a hint of ripe berries.

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Shared-X Impact Farming
Cedro Alto

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