Chocolate | Hazelnut | Berries

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Roast Level

Medium Roast



Tastes Like

Chocolate | Hazelnut | Berries


1100 - 1800 M


Washed & Natural


Cajamarca, Peru 
& Cachoeirinha, Brazil

A Blend From:

The Story

Roasted deep and dark, Legend offers notes of dark chocolate, striking caramelized sugars and a touch of bittersweet smoke.

 Great tasting dark roasts start with quality green coffee! Legend currently features certified organic and Rainforest Alliance coffee from Finca San Sebastian. Owner Miller Gutierrez, his wife, and their three children pour their hearts and souls into their work and it shows. The second coffee in the blend is Peru Cinco Corazones which is a part of our vertical supply chain.

Learn About The Growers

Peru - Shared-X Impact Farming
Legender Coffees

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