Peru Finca Cinco Corazones

Brown Sugar | Almond | Lime

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Roast Level

Medium Roast



Tastes Like

Brown Sugar | Almond | Lime


1500-1800 M




Oxapampa, Peru

Drying Method

Mechanical, Raised Beds


Tropic-X & Shared X

A Single Origin From:

The Story

We’re thrilled to present coffee from Finca Cinco Corazones! This coffee is the product of a vertically integrated supply chain, a relatively rare and unique model in the coffee industry. The farm, mill, export, import, and roaster (that’s us!) all operate under the Shared-X umbrella. Now in its sixth year of operation, Finca Cinco Corazones is producing coffee on just over half of its 300 hectares. The fields are planted mostly with the Caturra variety along with Bourbon, Gesha, and H1 varieties, this lot features 100% Caturra. On site they’re operating a wet mill and mechanical driers, plus recently installed raised African beds for drying coffee.

Finca Cinco Corazones delivers a creamy, sweet cup of coffee with notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and almond, accented by vibrant
shards of lime and orange. It’s a rounded and balanced profile in the cup, easy to drink all day.          

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