Strawberry | Blood Orange | Milk Chocolate

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Roast Level

Light Roast



Tastes Like

Strawberry | Blood Orange | Milk Chocolate 


1700-2100 M




Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Drying Method

Raised beds, 4-6 Weeks

Washing Station


A Single Origin From:

The Story

Limited Release Coffee | In Rwanda, coffee is usually traced back to the coffee washing station – the place where the local growing community sells their coffee cherry. As a result, lots are made up of coffee from many farmers, each contributing a little from their harvest. This coffee comes from the Gasharu coffee washing station located in southwestern Rwanda near Lake Kivu and Nyungwe National Park.

Gasharu is a family operation with roots in the Rwandan coffee industry dating all the way back to the 1970s. The family fled Rwanda in the face of the 1994 genocide and didn’t return until 1998. Since then, they have led the way in rebuilding the local coffee economy through dedication to the community and a commitment to quality. The simple existence of this coffee is the result of near-miraculous resilience. And it tastes amazing!

We find notes of strawberry preserves, raisin, blood orange, and lime. The cup is round and complex with a super sweet honey and milk chocolate finish. We only have a little bit of this gem, so get it while you can! 

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