Balanced | Sweet | Toasty

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Roast Level

Medium Dark Roast



Tastes Like

Balanced | Sweet | Toasty


1220 - 1750 M




Marcala, Honduras & 
Cajamarca, Peru 

How To Brew

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The Story

We teamed up with a company called Steeped (a fellow BCorp!) to bring you an uber-convenient single-serve coffee solution. Steeped full immersion filters are kind of like a tea bag but with fresh ground coffee inside. We start with the same Artist you’ve known and loved for years, then ship it off to Steeped where they grind and pack the pouches for us. Speaking of the pouches, each one is fully compostable and nitrogen flushed for freshness. The full immersion filters are also compostable and ultrasonic sealed without any icky glue or staples.

Artist, our #1 selling coffee, is a balanced, highly drinkable melange of medium and dark roasted coffees. Over the years, Artist has become almost synonymous with coffee from the COMSA co-op in Marcala, Honduras, specifically the Manos de Mujer women producers’ lot. For much of the year, COMSA makes up 100% of the blend but at the tail end of Honduras season (our winter/spring months) we add Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio to the blend as well. It’s another women producers’ lot from the COOPAFSI co-op in San Ignacio!

Pack a few of these puppies for your next camping adventure, up your office coffee game, brew one up on a flight, bring ‘em to mom and dad’s house, or toss a few backups in your bag for any and all emergency tasty coffee situations that arise! Available in singles or 5 packs.  

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