• Artist Gift Subscription
  • Artist Gift Subscription
  • Artist Gift Subscription

Artist Gift Subscription

Roast Level | Medium Dark

Tastes Like | Balanced | Sweet | Toasty

3 Month Subscription | One Bag Delivered Once per Month

Your card will be charged once per month for 3 months

Start a subscription that lasts the entire season. You will receive one 12 oz. bag per month for 3 months. Your card will be charged at the time of each shipment. 

In the early years of One Village, the basement years, before we had even graduated to the garage years, we came up with a signature blend called Artist. ‘Tis a tricky little blend where we combine two different roast levels of the same coffee. Well it’s not that tricky, it’s a well known technique called a melange. The melange is a great tool to get more flavor complexity out of a coffee than a single roast profile can express. While it’s not exactly a popular style choice amongst the roasting vanguard today, we must be doing something right because it’s our #1 seller.

Over the years Artist has become almost synonymous with coffee from the COMSA co-op in Marcala, Honduras, specifically the Manos de Mujer womens producers lot. For much of the year COMSA makes up 100% of the blend but at the tail end of Honduras season (our winter months) we add Peru Las Damas de San Ignacio to the blend as well. It’s another women producers lot from the COOPAFSI co-op in San Ignacio!