• Burundi Nkonge Washed
  • Burundi Nkonge Washed
  • Burundi Nkonge Washed

Burundi Nkonge Washed

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like | Lemon | Pound Cake | Sweet Tea

Nkonge represents coffee grown and harvested by 370 smallholder farmers on Nkonge Hill. Each producer cares for just a few hundred coffee trees on average. This is the definition of small-scale coffee production! In Burundi, the scale of each farm is so small that many farmers’ lots need to be combined to build an exportable lot. Coffee washing stations are micro-regional hubs where farmers sell their fresh coffee cherries. Washing stations sit right in the heart of the Burundi supply chain. They complete the critical functions of processing, drying, quality control, lot building, and maybe most importantly, market access. Long Miles Coffee Project owns and operates three washing stations: Heza (where Nkonge coffees are processed), Bukeye, and Ninga. Those three stations support 5,500 smallholder coffee producers!

Crisp lemon forms the nucleus of Nkonge’s flavor profile. It’s a sugary sweet coffee with a pastry-like quality. The cup reminds us of classic lemony deserts like lemon meringue pie and lemon pound cake with a side of sweet black tea. Nkonge is an elegant, refreshing coffee, full of bright, balanced citrus notes!