• Ethiopia Refisa
  • Ethiopia Refisa
  • Ethiopia Refisa

Ethiopia Refisa

Roast Level | Medium

Tastes Like | Dried Fruit | Honey | Citrus

Coffee from Nensobo, West Arsi has historically been sold under the larger, more widely known regional banner of Sidama, but in recent years it is starting to be marketed as its own distinct region. It has been building its reputation for stellar coffee, in fact Nensebo surprised everyone when it took one third of all winning spots in the inaugural 2020 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence. This coffee originated from 588 smallholder farmers who sell their cherry to the Refisa mill, owned and operated by Negusse Debela’s milling and export company SNAP Coffees. Atlantic Specialty coffee imported this coffee to the US.

As you might expect from washed process Ethiopian coffees, the flavor profile is packed with citrus and floral notes, in addition we find dried tropical fruit and a complex honey sweetness reminiscent of graham crackers. This is about as fresh and vibrant as coffee gets, not to be missed!