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Ethiopia Worka

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like | Blueberry | Vanilla | Orange Blossom


Ethiopia Worka delivers one of the quintessential coffee flavor experiences  the fruit bomb! The intense fruit flavors in this coffee come from the post-harvest processing method call natural process where the coffee seeds (beans) are dried in their fruit. The drying process is carefully carried out on raised beds and usually lasts a few weeks. All that contact time between the seeds and the fruit leads to a fruity, sweet, and creamy cup. Worka is a small co-op with around 300 members located in the Yirgacheffe region in southern Ethiopia. They are part of an umbrella organization called Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU) which provides support to a network of some two dozen co-ops and 45,000 farmers!

Flavors and aromas of blueberry, strawberry, mixed berry, and tropical punch all burst forth when you sip this coffee. It’s sweet and creamy with rich, sweet, floral notes of vanilla and honey, plus a little kiss of orange blossom. A must-try!

**Roasted to perfection every Tuesday**