Guatemala Finca La Revuelta Natural

Roast Level | Light

Finca La Revuelta is a family farm in Amatitlán, Guatemala. Christian Starry, Sr. runs the farm and his son, Christian Starry, Jr., handles the mill and commercialization of the coffee. This lot gets its intense fruity flavors from the post-harvest processing method we call natural process, or dry process. After harvesting, the farmer dries the coffee cherries whole, kind of like raisins, and removes the seeds (AKA beans) at the end of the drying process. There’s no denying that fruit flavors really burst in the cup. We find notes of melon, raspberry, candied apple and grape - a true fruit bomb!

Single Origin From | Guatemala

Region | Amatitlán

Farm | Finca La Revuelta

Producers | Christian Starry Sr. & Jr.

We Mill | Lirios de Belen (Located at La Revuelta)

Processing | Natural

Variety | Bourbon

Elevation | 1450 - 1555 M

*For all subscription orders! This is a seasonal coffee, and will be subject to change depending on availability*