Honduras Marco Tulio Sabillion



It all began in 2006 with Marco & Fredy, a brother duo and producers of this microlot coffee from Honduras La Peña. It has taken them 12 years of hard work, and with the help of their neighbors during harvest season, they produced their first lot of specialty coffee this year! They’ve recognized the power of their Village, and we are lucky to be a part of their journey.

Steve, Our Director of coffee, hand selected this coffee. He was was sold on both the taste and quality of the beans. You know it’s a good one when Steve writes down Birch Beer, tropical fruit & dark sugars, as the tasting notes!

Region | La Pena, Santa Barbara - Honduras
Process | Washed
Drying Method | Sun-dried on Patios
Variety (type of crop) | Parainema
Grown At | 1350 M