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    Nomad • Organic

    Nomad • Organic

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    Roast Level Medium
    Brown Sugar Citrus Dried Fruit

    Nomad is a blend carefully crafted for those who seek the perfect medium roast experience. Composed of 75% Peru Las Damas and 25% Ethiopia Sidama, it strikes an impeccable balance, offering just the right amount of acidity without compromising on flavor. Nomad boasts a distinctive character, harmoniously blending classic and dependable notes of brown sugar and caramel with delicate citrus and dried fruits accents.

    While Nomad shines as the go-to choice for cold brew coffee, its versatility extends to any brew method. Whether you prefer a French press, auto drip, pour-over, or espresso, Nomad's flavors will consistently delight your senses.

    Elevate your coffee ritual with Nomad, the embodiment of a medium roast that hits all the right notes. Its character and versatility make it a staple in the world of coffee, ensuring satisfaction with every sip.

    Nomad is your trusted companion on your coffee journey, always ready to please your palate.

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