Costa Rica Cattleya

Roast Level | Medium 

Flower aficionados will recognize Cattleya as a type of orchid native to Central and South America. In the West Valley region of Costa Rica, Coopro Naranjo was inspired by said orchid and named this special lot Cattleya because the coffee’s elegant qualities. Indeed the cup shines with lightly floral hints of orange and honey, but at its heart it’s a down to earth and well structured coffee built on a hefty body and tones of milk chocolate. YUM!  

Single Origin From | Costa Rica

RegionWest Valley

Co-op | Coopro Naranjo

Processing | Washed

Drying Method | Patio and solar driers

Variety | Catuai, Caturra

Elevation | 1300 - 1700 M

*For all subscription orders! This is a seasonal coffee, and will be subject to change depending on availability*