• Rwanda Remera
  • Rwanda Remera

Rwanda Remera

Roast Level | Light

Tastes Like | Honey | Citrus | Black Tea

Remera is one of four coffee washing stations operated by producer and exporter Bufcoffee. Founder and owner Epiphanie Mukashyaka is truly an inspirational leader. After being widowed during the Rwandan genocide in 1994, she took over the family coffee farming business and eventually started Bufcoffee’s washing station and export business in 2003. Today Bufcoffee is connecting thousands of small farmers to high quality buyers around the world. Drink up, be inspired!

In the cup, this coffee has an elegant sweet/tart/bitter balance. Notes of honey, citrus and red apple give way to a lightly fruited cane sugar sweetness with lingering spice cake and black tea in the finish.

Remera's CWS (coffee washing station) has been awarded the Cup of Excellence many times throughout the years (2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013)!

A Single Origin From | Rwanda

Region Nyamagabe District, Rwanda

Co-op | Bufcoffee

Processing | Washed

Drying Method | Raised bed & shade

Variety | Bourbon

Elevation | 1800 - 2200 M