Specialty Instant Coffee | Peru Finca Matapalo


  • Made With: Peru Finca Matapalo
  • Crystallized By: Sudden Coffee
  • 1 Tube Makes: A single 8-10 oz cup
  • Easy to make, easy to clean, easy to enjoy

Why Instant Coffee? 
For simple convenience without compromising on the quality of the coffee! 

We choose to partner with Sudden Coffee because of their revolutionary brewing techniques, and their ability to freeze dry in small batches. Both of these procedures combined highlight the coffee flavors in each cup in a way that will surprise you!

About The Coffee?
Peru Finca Matapalo is our Peruvian partners Shared-X! Finca Matapalo is located in the Junín region of central Peru, a few hundred kilometers east of Lima (just a few hours drive if it weren’t for a little mountain range called the Andes!). It is one of three coffee farms Shared-X owns and operates in Peru along with cocoa, pineapple and banana farms. In the cup you’ll find strong notes of cocoa powder. This coffee is an easy drinker, very convenient and we know you’ll be back for more!