Tanzania Iyula

Roast Level | Light

From the Songwe region in southwest Tanzania comes this elegant coffee from the Iyula Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Society. This lot is made up of coffee from 277 producers, with an average contribution of just over a bag each. Small farmers to be sure! Tanzania often gets overshadowed by its superstar neighbor to the north, Kenya, but there are plenty of beautiful coffees to be found in Tanzania. In the cup, Iyula is sweet and pleasantly tart with ample body. Flavors of dark dried fruits and black tea tannins form the core of the profile, with light floral aromatics accenting. It is at once an elegant and powerful coffee. Cheers!

Single Origin From | Tanzania


Wet Mill | Iyula

Producers | 277 producers contributing an average of 1.3 bags each

Processing | Washed

Variety | N39, KT423 (bourbon types)

Elevation | 1700 M

*For all subscription orders! This is a seasonal coffee, and will be subject to change depending on availability*