Roast Level | Medium

It only takes three flavor building blocks to make Nordico. Easy right? Not so fast. Nordico is one of our most pampered and doted upon blends, as a flagship espresso blend ought to be. With three different coffees literally in the mix, one is always under the microscope, being replaced by fresh crops, or in line for an upgrade.

Back to those flavor building blocks. We’re looking to tick the boxes of chocolate, nuts and fruit, with the idea of a Chunky candy bar. We build the blend up on a Brazil foundation, where most of the nuts and chocolate contribution come from. To hit the fruit target, we use a natural processed Ethiopian coffee for a lush flourish. That takes us to the heart of the blend, and a source for more and even more chocolate, is a washed Latin American coffee that usually flip flops between Peru and Guatemala during opposite halves of the year as northern and southern hemisphere coffee harvests arrive fresh in the US.

A Blend From | Guatemala, Brazil & Ethiopia

Process | Washed & Natural

Variety | Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra, Yellow Catuai, Heirloom

Grown At | 1880 - 2180 M