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The fall version of Nomad is a deep, sweet, rich coffee built for easy drinking on chilly mornings. Notes of chocolate and nuts are central, and it doesn’t get much more complicated than than. Hints of raisin and sweet honey come through as well, but they don’t vie for the spotlight. Brew a hot cup, bundle up, and forget about that brutal summer we all just survived. Cheers!

Once again our seasonal blend Nomad has gone into the wilderness and come back a changed beast. The latest version for fall 2018 is lovingly built around Costa Rica Cañuela, a coffee we are simply loving (it’s available as a single origin here)! We found a great blend partner for Cañuela with Brazil Sitio Ponte Nova, a coffee that has quietly been doing some heavy lifting as a component in one of our espresso blends, Nordico. Together they make a great understated pair, not trying too hard but killing it.

Here at One Village our blends and the coffees going into them get a lot of love and attention throughout the year. Expensive and rare single origin coffees tend to get all the glory, but every roaster has a soft spot for well executed blends built with good quality ingredients. A delicious blend is a hard-earned achievement and Nomad for fall 2018 is no exception.

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Roast Level | Medium

Location | Costa Rica Cañuela & Brazil Sitio Ponte Nova

Region | West Valley, Costa Rica & Minas Gerais, Brazil

Producers | Costa Rica - Coopro Naranjo (Learn more here) | Brazil Sitio Ponte Nova - Owned and operated by Joao + Regina Pereira

Washing Station | Gera Estate & Kochere

Process | Costa Rica - Washed | Brazil - Natural

Variety | Caturra, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai

Grown At | 1200 - 1450 M