• "Had the delightful opportunity to check out some new “One Village” coffees, “Guatemala” & “Nightingale”. Both so smooth & delicious as an iced coffee, perfect for this time of year. Definitely moving them on to my favorites list along with my standard, “Artist”. Highly recommend checking these out & hats off to the “One Village” crew for all their hard work bringing us such quality, fair-trade coffees!"
    - Kathleen & Steve
  • "I'm absolutely in love with the way you make all of the coffee drinkers around the world feel connected with your name, and coffee of course. Y'all are all the way in Pennsylvania and I'm in Texas and I still feel a part of the village. Coffee is a big part of my life and I want to say Thank You for making me feel welcome. Your design is one of my favorites of all of the coffee brands I've come across. Thank you for being you, One Village Coffee."
    - Macy
  • "If you are looking for awesome coffee roasted by amazing people - you found it."
    - Chad

Commitment to Sustainability

As a certified B Corporation, we are committed to social and environmental sustainability.

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