One Village Coffee

  • 5 Reasons to Start a One Village Coffee Subscription Today

    If you’re anything like the One Village Coffee team, you like to always have a fresh bag of coffee to brew. We always want to perk up our Villagers with our sensational offerings, so we launched the One Village Coffee subscription option on our website. It’s the easiest way to ensure you don’t ru... View Post
  • Songs to Drink Coffee to: The One Village Coffee Summer Playlist

    Music makes the world go round. (You may have heard money does [Hat tip to composer John Kander] but we respectfully disagree.) Like our coffee, each note we connect to in a song takes us on a journey. We’re always looking for new tunes to drink coffee to. With that in mind we asked you, our amaz... View Post
  • Three Coffee Processing Methods

    When coffee reaches you in its roasted form, it has gone through several phases. First as a coffee cherry which is harvested and processed, then as a green coffee bean prepared for roasting. Processing refers to the steps taken to remove the fruit of the coffee cherry and to dry the seed (or bea... View Post