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  • The Barista Guide to Choosing Coffee Equipment For Home

    At One Village Coffee, brewing coffee at home is something we all enjoy. For the last couple of months, many of you have been doing more brewing at home as well. Enjoying a pour over on a Saturday morning or a drip brew throughout the week can make for a relaxing and delicious experience, but kno... View Post
  • The story behind our Peru Cold Brew

    Last year when we launched our Peru Cold Brew, our first new product since the beginning of One Village Coffee, we knew that it would be special. We had partnered with an industry innovator called BKON, a manufacturer of cold brew based out of New Jersey.  Still, we were blown away by the final p... View Post
  • How Our Nightingale Coffee Is Decaffeinated

    How coffee is decaffeinated in the Mountain Water Process. View Post