- Our Mission -

Roasters, Growers, Coffee Drinkers

As a founding Certified B Corporation and specialty coffee roaster, One Village Coffee has connected roasters, growers, and coffee drinkers since 2007. Our offerings range from light to dark roasted coffees, focusing on balance and sweetness (or whatever you taste, because let's be honest, it's all personally relative). We are here to learn, discover coffee with you, and not take ourselves too seriously. Bottoms Up!

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You Are Now Part Of One Village

"One Village is a noun, it means that as a community we can do more together than we can on our own." 

Andrea Hackman,
President of One Village Coffee

- From roasting in a farmhouse basement to co-owned with farmers! -

Our History


Met coffee farmers through family travels
that inspired the idea for One Village Coffee!


1. Launched One Village Coffee in March.
2. Became a founding certified B Corporation (the first coffee roaster to become B Corp certified).


Moved from the Hackman family farmhouse
to our roastery!


Started the COMSA Bee Project.


1. A Licensed Q Grader joined the team!
2. Another year of the COMSA Bee Project. 


1. Settled in our newly  renovated roastery .
2. Launched rebranded bags that feature a block bottom and a zipper (first of its kind on the market).


1. Purchased our 2nd roaster - A Loring Smart Roaster. 
2. Placed 3rd in America's best Espresso vith Villager!


Nordico won the Bronze Golden Bean Award!


1. Two more Golden Bean Awards with Nordico winning Silver & Villager winning Bronze.
2. Merged with Shared-X, an  Impact Farming company.


Launched Cold Brew & Specialty Instant Coffee!

 - Come on in! -

Meet Our Village

 - Come on in! -

Meet Our Village