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When the Hackman family visited Africa and Honduras in the early 2000's, They saw the power of a village - a community of people working together to better themselves and those around them. It wasn't until they met a coffee farmer named Bala, in Nigeria that the idea of coffee came to mind. Since coffee naturally has a way of connecting people a dream was formed...maybe, just maybe, coffee could be used to connect people and to make an impact. 



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Our vision and values are of creating high quality products with the deepest impact socially & environmentally. That is why we became a founding member of B Corporation. It’s why we’ve worked alongside the COMSA co-op in Marcala, Honduras through the Bee Project and The Orchard School. It’s why we pioneered a new type of compostable bag, and why we have donated coffee for every meal served to an organization in Philly that feeds the homeless. You better believe, we'll continue to make more impacts for many years to come.





Our grower partners on the other hand, work hard to ensure a quality crop is harvested in season and sent our way. To highlight their hard work, we in turn sample roast & cup a variety of single origin coffees, choosing only the beans that rise above the rest. From there, we dial in and monitor the roast profile, making sure each blend and single origin hits the flavor marks we're aiming for. Our Licensed Q Grader/Director of Coffee and Production team/roasters are meticulous and passionate about what coffees make it to the shelf.

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In 2007 we opened our doors as One Village Coffee. Now fast forward 10 years, we recognized the best way for our mission to become a reality was to join forces directly with farmers. As of August, 2018 One Village Coffee merged with Shared-X, the first impact company in the world. This was a perfect fit. Shared-X is doing something on the ground that we at One Village Coffee would never have been able to accomplish on our own.

Shared-X is a hub of farmers, working to make an impact in the areas of community, environment, and health. Backed by impact investors, the model strives to create access to markets and share innovative agronomic techniques with smallholder farmers to increase crop yields for a variety of crops, including cocoa, banana, pineapple and coffee. With the increase in quality of crop and yield, smallholder farmers profits increase.

Without our village (us, growers and you), it wouldn't exist. We have a commonality of coffee and a passion to care for ourselves, our families and the world. Let’s keep dreaming of a better world, working together, and believing in the good of each other.

Bottoms up!